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Job Description

Technical solution architect
You are responsible for the design of the architecture for IT business and infrastructure projects:

You collaborate with the existing technical architects and various other specialists: functional solution architects (for business projects), infrastructure domain architects and global security architects.
You know the BNP Paribas Fortis standards and references for architecture inside out. You make sure the group follows them to the letter by giving them architectural guidance and motivation.
You also look for ways to improve. You contribute to the evolution of strategies across the IT transversal domain, challenging and positively influencing the plan of action for BNP Paribas Fortis.
You also contribute to the definition of the Target Technology Blueprint that must support the Digital Tranformation of our IT.
You are involved in the “peer reviews” and in the coaching of Junior Solution Architects.You make complicated processes seem simple! Your skills allow you to easily translate business requirements into working ICT systems by:
understanding complex project requirements as they are presented to you;
breaking down the project overview into a coherent set of organised components;
proposing a design for the project solution, taking into account any non-functional requirements.


You have a master’s degree in Industrial or Civil Engineering, or the equivalent experience.
Business skills

You have at least 10 years of work experience. Your career has exposed you to several technological domains at large organisations, preferably in the finance sector.
You are able to understand business processes, compliance rules and regulations.
You are experienced in implementing changes in complex organisations and are able to treat multiple projects simultaneously.
You are used to deliver high level documentation and follow the Customer processes for IT Architecture.
You view IT solutions from a platform built on a wide range of experiences. This allows you to see every angle when considering solutions.
You know what you’re talking about. Your IT background and interpersonal skills make it easy for you to discuss solutions with team members and valued clients.
Technical skills

You are an expert when it comes to Architectural Models (TOGAF).
You have technical experience in at least two of the following areas and a basic understanding of a significant number of others:
- Data centres
- Windows
- Linux/AIX
- Mainframe systems
- Storage
- Databases (SQL, Oracle, Sybase, enz.)
- Middleware (MQ, FTP, enz.)
- BPM tooling
- Web technologies (WAS, IIS, enz.)
- Networks (LAN, WAN, WLAN, Load Balancer)
- Voice (VoIP, Call Centre, enz.)
- Video (IPTV, enz.)
- Security (FW, VPN, eSignature, Identification & Authentication, IPS, DDOS, ISAM, WAS)
- Mailing
- Collaboration tooling
- Cloud
- Big data
- SOA related: ESB, API Gateway
- Virtualisation (ESX, enz.).
Language Skills

Your English is perfect, whether written or spoken. You communicate well in French or Dutch and at least have a passive understanding of the other.
Other skills

Your enthusiasm inspires everyone around you. They happily follow your strategic plans to achieve the vivid, long-term visions you create.
You are a consummate professional and compelled by the search for top-quality solutions.
You know how to negotiate and can communicate effectively in all situations.
You are passionate about IT. You closely follow trends and developments as they unfold.
In a changing world, diversity and inclusion are core values. At BNP Paribas Fortis we want to attract and retain women and men of all ages, from all backgrounds, each with his or her own experience. We firmly believe that diversity increases performance and innovation. All our offers for full time are also available for 90% or 80%


You have a masters degree in Industrial or Civil Engineering, or the equivalent experience.

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