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Job Description

Reporting and key relationships

This position will report to the Senior Vice-president, Chief  Product Development Officer, based in Luxembourg. 

The work involves constant communication with key persons of the company in Berlin and London, as well as Sales and R&D divisions in the United States, Russia, Israel and Korea.

Key tasks

Technology development: The company has numerous own and third-party research results, illustrating the  positive impact of nanotubes on  resin and composites with respect to their electrical and mechanical properties. At present, the management of the worldwide industrialization process of the developed by OCSiAl dispersion technologies of SWCNT in different matrix materials is one of the most important tasks. This process starts with  the search and acquisition of companies which are ready to manufacture SWCNT dispersions, masterbatches and/or compounds. It is aimed at the implementation of dispersion technologies at these companies and finally on the sale of the SWCNT to them.Technology’s expansion: It is necessary to carry out numerous meetings and negotiations with potential partners around the world to promote the technologies and launch them on industrial partner’s facilities. Naturally, feedback from partners will cause the need for additional research and technological approbation on OCSiAl’s own or third-party technology base.

Technical support: It is important to establish a system of continuous technological support for the partners that they would never feel abandoned and forgotten.  

Core technical skills and experience

Critical to the success in this work, the company considers the experience and intellectual flexibility of the candidate. Fundamental knowledge and technological expertise are key to success.

Degree: Chemistry, material science/material engineering, processing of composite materials, nano additives chemical engineering or similar.
Hand-on experience: Knowledge of technology of resins manufacturing, synthesis and methods of use. Understanding the different chemical and physical properties of the resins. Types of resins and their target applications.  Really applied technological experience in the field resins synthesis, manufacturing of resins-base additives and/or their use in different industries. Understanding of the different resins technologies in composite materials.
R&D experience: Experience with research organizations and teams. The ability for correct formulation of technical tasks to researchers.

Personal Characteristics

Readiness and ability to become acquaint with CNT, Graphene and their application into matrix materials;
Fluent English in written and orally; advantageous would be knowledge of Russian and German language;
High readiness to travel;
Interpersonal skills, flexibility, autonomous working, conceptual skills;
Pronounced customer orientation;
Analytical thinking, good communication skills, team-player;
Creative, forward thinker;
High energy and resilience;
Innovative, entrepreneurial and agile;
Intellectual and personal endurance;
Results focused;
Able to build relationships at all levels internally and externally.


Role summary Lead engineer for product development is responsible for the development and the successful commercial launch of single wall carbon nanotubes based material to the international market place. In particular, it is the development of technologies for the dispersion of carbon nanotubes into thermoset resins and composites. The main product of the company are CNT themselves. The main task for the candidate is to manage the development of effective ways of introducing nanotubes into resins, to summarize own existing results as well as results from R&D-partners and to optimize the technology for its use in an industrial scale. Great attention has to be paid to the development of feasible and environmental safe technologies, which can be distributed for mass applications of nanotubes in the industry. In addition, the employee must arrange qualified technical support of customers which decide to use technologies developed by OCSiAl Group.

About Us

Ocsial S.A. is a growing technology group commercialising Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes (SWCNT) at a price, quality and quantity that allow SWCNT to be used at an industrial scale. The Group has created innovations in the production process for SWCNT, which is a universal additive with a wide variety of applications in many areas of materials. OCSiAl started its operation in 2009 and began selling of SWCNT in 2013. The production facility, currently at 7 tonnes p.a., is producing more than the combined revious world capacity at a significantly reduced cost to end-users. In addition to manufacturing SWCNT, OCSiAl is developing and launching technologies for the manufacturing of new products in various areas of applications of SWCNT, as for instance in polymers, composites, thermoplastics, elastomers, energy storage (Li-ion batteries) and Transparent Conductive Film. A new set of SWCNT-based B2B products will be launched in 2016.


Degree Chemistry, material science/material engineering, processing of composite materials, nano additives chemical engineering or similar.

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